Agency Policies

Eligibility for Services

Services are designed for individuals that have been referred for therapeutic services; courts ordered for treatment or have expressed a desire to work on issues that are pertinent to their functioning. There may be reasons why a client is not eligible for services at Cornerstone Counseling & Consulting; these will include suicidal or homicidal ideations and a lack of desire to participate in therapeutic services. If a higher level of care is indicated, the person served will be immediately referred for those services.

If the person served loses the right to receive services, they may petition to the Executive Directors for reinstatement and a meeting will need to be held with the person served and the referral source. The person served will need to serve a probationary period until full reinstatement. The purpose of this restriction is to help increase accountability and adherence to program rules.


Weapons/Smoking/Illicit/Licit Drug Policies

It is the policy of Cornerstone Counseling & Consulting that no weapons or drugs of any kind be brought onto the premises of the office. It is also our policy that smoking is not allowed in the building area. Clients are not allowed to smoke outside the building. Please be advised that if weapons or drugs are brought onto the premises, 911 will be called immediately.


Seclusion and Restraint

It is the policy of Cornerstone Counseling & Consulting to not engage in the practice of seclusion or restraint of any person served. Emergency situations will result in the police department being contacted.


Expectations of Clients

It is the responsibility of the clients to ensure that appointments scheduled are maintained by the client. In the event that a client will be unable to attend an appointment it is requested that the client advise the clinician 24 hours in advance of the appointment.


Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction surveys are sent to clients quarterly for input. Forms are also available in the office area at any time for clients to complete or you may ask your assigned therapists. Clients are also encouraged to contact the Executive Directors at any time.


Agency Contact for Client Input

The client is encouraged at all times to contact the agency should problems arise with the services being provided. If the person served has a problem with the clinician assigned, they are advised to contact the Executive Clinical Director at any time. Should the Executive Clinical Director not be available, the person may call the Executive Director. The person served is also encouraged to participate actively in the development of the treatment plan and discharge plan.


Client Assessment and Service Coordination

Each person served will receive an assessment to determine the need of treatment and to dictate the course of service delivery. After assessment each client will be assigned a therapist that will coordinate service delivery. All clients are encouraged to contact the Executive Directors regarding services and/or concerns.


Discharge Planning

Throughout the treatment process, our goal is to work towards transitioning the client out of services. A specific plan to transition the client will be developed with the treatment plan and regularly reviewed with the client and/or guardian. At the end of treatment, the client will receive a copy of the transition plan which will delineate progress in treatment, referrals needed or obtained and the ways a person served may reenter treatment.


Special Populations

Cornerstone Counseling is aware of the need to ensure that services are available to special populations. Special populations may include children and adolescents, aging and older adults, pregnant women, persons with intellectual or other developmental disabilities, persons with HIV/AIDS, IV Drug Users, DUI offenders, sexual offenders or substance abuse offenders. It is noted that when sexual offenders are being provided service that no children are allowed on the premises of the office.


Financial Obligations

Staff will make every effort to promptly bill the clients Medical Insurance. The agreed upon rate for clients accepted into services will be required to be paid at the time services are rendered. Special circumstances may require an extension of payment, however, this agreement will need to be arranged and approved by the Executive Director. All co-pays are due and payable at the time service is rendered. Preferred payments are accepted in the forms of cash or money order. Checks are accepted only by approval of the Executive Directors.


After Hours/Emergency Contact

Should the need arise for contact with staff in the event of any emergency please call (405) 231-3150 or 405-615-6148 (emergency AFTER HOURS number). Each call will be returned promptly.


Program Restrictions and Client Rights and Privileges

Restrictions on service delivery may be imposed for various reasons which may include threatening or aggressive behavior of any kind towards staff, being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, inappropriate sexual advances, breach of other’s confidentiality and any other behavior that compromises Cornerstone’s policy and procedures or that is contrary to the therapeutic process. Restrictions may include suspension or termination of services. A client may regain rights and privileges by participating in a meeting with Cornerstone’s treatment team and after agreeing to detailed objectives regarding their behavior that led to loss of privileges. Certain programs may require a reinstatement fee to re-enter that program.


Grievance and Appeal Procedures

Grievance forms are available in the office or may be obtained from the assigned therapists.


Advance Directives

All adults will be provided information and forms regarding mental health directives for the state of Oklahoma.