Mission, Goals & Values

Our Agency Mission

The Mission of Cornerstone Counseling & Consulting is to provide a wide array of comprehensive, qualified services that will improve the quality of life for the persons served. Cornerstone is certified to provide mental health and substance abuse services through the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.


Our Agency Goals

Our primary goal is to ensure that the needs of the persons served are met. We will work diligently and cooperatively with other agencies both private and public to ensure that continuity of services remain based on the needs of the persons served. Additional goals include reducing problematic issues, restoring appropriate functioning and increasing community safety by decreasing offending behavior.


Our Agency Values

Cornerstone Counseling & Consulting, Inc. promotes the basic human rights, dignity, health and safety of the person served. We believe that the person served is entitled to quality services and the consumers should have the highest degree of independence and self-sufficiency possible. Based on information received from consumers and referral sources, Cornerstone uses a team approach and provides coordinated, individualized, goal-oriented services.